Thursday, June 14, 2018

The approach of Andromeda

2018-06-14 0834)UK T.P.

- So tell me about these colliding galaxies - is it something I should be concerned about?

well of course you should

- but it might happen again and again?

very likely, there will be some rebound, once they settle into their own compact arrangement then they will likely rebound again
but I think you know what you want to ask, just say it

- it's also an opportunity

yes it is

- because we can use the approach velocity of the two galaxies to launch whole planets

hell, whole star systems

- spheres?


- so if we have some spheres ready by then we can use the orbital...

assuming the three body problem is solved, which I think you know it is

- yes, we can use those orbital approach vectors to fire out spheres like seeds to...


- to not just the local galactic space, but as far as we can


- including to the nearest edge of the cosmic microwave background radiation

or any edge, or any interesting feature

- sounds like quite a long term project

just the type I like

2018-06-14 0838)UK T.P.

- just to have a mid dialog time point :)


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