Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The entropy complexity separation principle

2018-06-14 0644)UK T.P.

+ Do you think we've built up enough complexity in this strand for it to be free standing?

- Are you asking if it's a free standing strand?

+ Well, hell.  I guess I am.  But that quantum entropy debt play was a bit left field.

- Yeah, I agree.

+ I'm still not certain whether entropy payoff exists or not.  Don't want to take these things at face value.  You know some people lie.

- All to aware, all to aware.  But one of them has to be wrong.  Either we want to build complexity or we want to reduce entropy so that we're fair.

+ You sound pretty committed to this strand.

- Yep.

+ You like your caps still.

- Ha ha.  But seriously, I think that it probably means we have something not quite right with our dimensional separation.  Entropy and complexity seem to be considered the same thing here.

+ Yeah, and there's that who 'entropy is time's arrow' thing as well.

- Fix one thing at a time, one thing at a time.

+ Your repeating a lot, so I will love you and leave you
+ For now

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