Wednesday, June 13, 2018

A message from The Editors

2018-06-13 1851)UK T.P.

Hmm, well we are not sure how this is going to work exactly.  How do you think you want to run it?

Let's just wing it and see what happens.

Some dialog attribution would be useful

- Okay I will go with a dash

>> We will go with a double arrow :) to get some editing in
>> Thanks

- Ha ha

Of course I know that The Editors like to present as an array of eminent science fiction authors of the present and recent past.  Maybe that is who they are.  They have been very helpful.  You probably know some of their names, but whether that means anything to anyone is not for me to say.

= Yes.  Yes it does

A voice that needed to claim a dialog attribution before The Editors realised they has picked poorly.

> Well if that's happening I'm going to take the single arrow then.  And yes you can call me The Hawkster, that is who I present as.  I will leave the disambiguation to you Stephen, as I know that is 'on of your leet skills' as you are trying to force me to say.

- Thanks, and hello.  Welcome to the party.

>> But hey, these will be unique anyway.  And we are multiple, so maybe we picked well after all.  And yes - get some version control going on this Stephen.  Build the app.

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