Thursday, June 14, 2018

Natural accelerators

2018-06-15 0711)UK T.P.

- If you could wend your way through colliding galaxies then do you think you could provide acceleration to one of these spheres?

ae: Morning

- Morning

ae: Nice breakfast by the way

- Thanks

ae: Yes.  But as I suggested you don't necessarily need to have a galaxy to wend through...

- Although it might be a long and circuitous route by which you could pick up passengers along the way

ae: Ahem. You could...

- Let's talk about your idea, hey?

ae: Exactly.  You don't need to go from star to star to gain this acceleration.  As you know, if something can perturbate an object out of orbit then the theory holds water.  So you could just have a couple of system, or a few, that have natural accelerators in them.

- Any examples?

ae: I can think of one nearby.

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