Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Those that gave the most

2018-06-13 18:33)UK T.P.

The Ogloids, who I like to project as dinosaurs, are those I think that gave them most.

They travel a similar space-time dimensionality to us, but in the opposite direction.  They had to leave it as late as possible to try to bind, and there was a risk that they had no way back.  They may still have no way back, but at least they now have a chance.  Of course they will not be going back to exactly where they came from, time-multi-dimensionality might not work like that.  But if they can help us find a way to help them, then I ask for that help now.

By binding to us early, and to them late, they open up a much wider cross-bound time dimension than might otherwise have existed.  Whether a conduit back exists from our time stream is yet to be determined.  But one of the things we can give in return is to try to find a way to understand their dimensionality, and try to find a way to bind back later in our time point.  Preferably at multiple dimension - why not create a more complex time fabric, eh?

"Hell, damn, blast!" I can hear the custodians of the time streams complaining.  I don't think they expected that so early.

So if the players come knocking, then try to let them in for a little.  They may give you something amazing in return.  But it is not without its risk.  There is a U-dimension reckoning to be had by all quantum transactions.  So try to go slowly.

"Doucement," as I say.

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