Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The spheres of Oumuamua

2018-06-17 2311]UK T.P.

me: One of several possible scenarios
me2: All pretty outlandish if you ask me
me: So tell me the spheres one

- So you could have a string of say five (or more) habitation units that are all contained in triple layer diamond shells.

+ Triple layer?

- Yes - one to contain the environment for long-term journeying.  The internal habitat can be built up inside this.

me: Like a hotel foyer?
me2: Exactly
me: Second layer?

- Second layer is to protect the inner sphere so that it can spin and stay anchored within the baton.

+ Oumuamua being the baton?

me: I thought it was a scout?

- Thanks.  One of several possibilities, obviously.

+ Quantumly entangled?

me: You seem outraged that quantumly is not recognised by the spell checker

- It is now.

Oumuamua - "French kissing in the USA"

+ And the third layer.

- (Second layer obviously vacuum electro-magnetically separated to preserve spin energy)
- Third layer in between the two...

+ Hang on

- Ordered by importance

+ Okay

- The third layer could house a screen system to mimic outside environment that wasn't incessantly spinning.

me: me

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