Thursday, August 16, 2018

Universe as element

2018-06-18 0802)UK T.P.

Let's think about the structure of the universe as we perceive it, its inception and its potential late states.  Then think of it if it were a part of a larger framework of structure if place existed outside the cosmic microwave background curtain.

As a toroidal travel facilitator
  • It could have an ultimate late state that is similar to a torus with a singular black hole at the centre, suction whirlpools that stretch in from the curtain to meet or enwrap the black hole.
  • In this state an object could be directed towards the universe from outside, and with sufficient finesse of approach be redirected as desired,
  • Or accelerated, decelerated, started from a stop, or stopped from speed to enmesh inside the universe.
As an atomic (at scale) element in a larger construction
  • It could have a late state that is similar to Hydrogen to act as a building block in a wider toolkit for construction.  The life that spins around inside it - are we a Hydrogen sonata? [1]
As a starting point for a physical rationale for consciousness
  • Inverting attention to look the other way, if such mechanisms exist then they may exist in a similar pattern at small scale.  In effect suggesting an internal structure for atomic elements or fabric atomic points.  (Atomic having layered / folded meanings here - to represent non-decomposable units.)
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[1] Iain M. Banks, The Hydrogen Sonata.

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